Washington State Liquor Control Board Training?

On August 30th, 2013, Washington State Liquor Control Board Officer Diana Peters entered Lady Buds medical marijuana collective garden located in Black Diamond, WA requesting entrance to the medical area with an intimidating and offensive attitude.  Diana Peters, WA State LCB Officer had with her a male counterpart who stood by her side and said nothing while the conversation took place between Angie, Lady Buds receptionist and  Diana Peters, LCB Officer.  The Officer reportedly requested to gain access to the medical area of the facility for ‘training’ purposes.  Their presence was NOT requested and nobody called Lady Buds to ask for permission to do any type of training exercises or tours on behalf of the Liquor Control Board.

Lady Buds said they denied them entry because they did not have the proper medical authorization or any other paperwork that would legally grant them access.  During the visit, Diana Peters stated that the LCB will be regulating such places soon (while standing in the lobby of a medical marijuana collective).  Immediately after the LCB attack dogs left the building Lady Buds called their lawyer and started to spread the word about the visit from LCB Officer, Diana Peters.

So, we ask:  What are these people up to?  Why did they choose Lady Buds?  And what on earth makes them think they have (or will have) ANY authority over medical marijuana?

For those who do not know, there are two separate laws in Washington State.

  1. The newest law, I-502 which gives the Washington State LCB authority over recreational use, sales, processing and production of recreational marijuana.
  2. RCW 69.51A the established law for medical marijuana.

The LCB has no jurisdiction over medical marijuana.

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